Like a Phoenix Rising out of the ashes, we support you to discover yourself after an abusive relationship.

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Reinvent yourself and find the new you with our support.

Our programs are designed for women to find themselves, regain their self-worth and love themselves again after surviving an abusive relationship.

We assist you to feel free, to spread your wings and fly again.

Feel empowered, fulfilled, confident, happy, self-reliant and YOU again through our Phoenix Rising programs.

  • Find and love yourself again
  • Find your power
  • Get excited about your future
"Becoming courageous is the willingness to realise your true capacities by going through discomfort, fear, anxiety or suffering and taking wholehearted responsible action."

~ Ruth Schimel Ph. D.

Are you ready to find YOU again?

Why work with me?

I've been in your shoes!

I know what it is like to hit rock bottom, to feel lost and fearful of the future – and even worse, seeing no future!

Just like you, I have been directly affected by domestic violence, and survived to re-build my life filled with peace, harmony and happiness.

My passion is to now assist you, in finding out how you can re-build your life; embrace life independently without feeling the need to rely on a partner to survive; build your self esteem, feel empowered and free!

When working with Project Phoenix Rising, you are guaranteed compassion and confidentiality – trust your story is safe with us. We provide a non judgemental, supportive environment where we will work together through whatever comes up and find ways which will assist you changing your life – YOU CAN DO THIS!

Let me help you unlock the true, everlasting happiness within you – for you and to create the wonderful flow on effect for every part of your life and for those who are part of your life.

  • I’ve been in your shoes!

    I have personally been impacted by domestic violence and survived. I’ve rebuilt a life filled with peace, harmony and happiness – I can show you how to do the same.

  • Your story is safe with me

    Professional, empathetic, kind, caring and compassionate are words that have been used to describe how I work. Your story is safe with me.

  • Judgement free zone!

    Judgement free, we will work together through whatever comes up, to find a solution, in order for you to change your life.

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The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is my signature program. Working one-on-one, we work together through a 6-week program which takes you from feeling powerless and lost to feeling confident within yourself; having a deeper love and understanding for and of yourself, and allowing yourself to see a much brighter, joyous future.

Coming Soon...

Beautiful clients say this about our journey together...

Kath has helped me many many times throughout my life and especially whilst I was been dealing with various family and highly emotive issues, by listening, acknowledging and hearing what I've said, advising different books to read for me to gain further insight and understanding of situations and people. Kath is a very genuine, gentle, caring and compassionate lady, who's voice I found calming in the most emotionally traumatic situations.

Annette D
Annette D

I have known Kath for years and I know that our friendship will be forever. Kath has an amazing ability to heal people.

I highly recommend Kath for any areas you wish to improve your life in, you will be unstoppable!

Thank you Kath for improving my life to unimaginable heights. With you as a mentor I know I will succeed.

Athena T
Athena T
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Let's get together and go for a walk along the beautiful Coffs Harbour Foreshore, while creating a supportive network of like-minded women and having fun. This is a women's walking group and is for you if:

1. You are feeling isolated and looking for female companionship.

2. You are looking for a supportive group of other women.

3. You are wanting to make positive changes in your life.

4. You are wanting a more harmonious, peaceful life.

5. You are into gratitude and mindfulness.

This is a walking group with a difference - it is made up of a half hour walk (approximate) along our beautiful foreshore, followed by a half hour of more connecting, buy a coffee if you wish and come have a chat (each week there'll be a topic / theme that I hope will prompt some useful or helpful discussion for you).

Yes, I'd love to join!

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